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by Marie Kreutzer


John Gruber is in his mid thirties, an egocentric, living life in the fast lane and sparing no expense. But all of a sudden he is thrown off track by a cancer diagnosis and by the person who unwillingly delivers the news: Sarah, a DJane from Berlin, who is not his type at all. Feelings just aren't Gruber's cup of tea and now, without having asked for them, he has more than ever before.

international title: Gruber Is Leaving
original title: Gruber geht
country: Austria
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Marie Kreutzer
screenplay: Marie Kreutzer
cast: Godehard Giese, Hermann J. Kogler, Sabine Friesz, Simon Hatzl, Christian Kainradl, Oana Solomon, Fabian Krüger, Theo Maalek, Felix Breuel
cinematography by: Leena Koppe
film editing: Ulrike Kofler
art director: Martin Reiter
costumes designer: Monika Buttinger
music: Florian Blauensteiner, Florian Horwath
producer: Helmut Grasser, Constanze Schumann
co-producer: Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF)
production: Allegro Film
backing: ÖFI, FISA, Filmfonds Wien, Landes Steiermark



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