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by Barış Kaya, Soner Caner


Rauf hopes to win over his big crush, the older Zana, with the help of the colour pink. But what does pink really look like anyways, and will he even be able to find it in his snowy little Kurdish village up in the mountains? Meanwhile, disturbing rumours sweep in from the outside world.

international title: Rauf
original title: Rauf
country: Turkey
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Barış Kaya, Soner Caner
film run: 94'
screenplay: Soner Caner, Naz Caybasi, Muge Seviker
cast: Soner Caner, Alen Huseyin Gursoy, Talip Ubiç, Çetin Kiliçaslan
cinematography by: Vedat Özdemir
film editing: Ahmet Boyacioglu, Barış Kaya, Ali Emre Uzsuz
art director: Hanifi Ayazdir, Cetin Kilicaslan, Devrim Ongunc
costumes designer: Nigar Tinmazsoy
music: Ayse Önder
producer: Soner Caner, Barış Kaya, Selman Kizilaslan, Burak Ozan, Kazim Ugur Kizilaslan
production: Peri Istanbul [TR], Aslan Film [TR]


main awards/selection

Berlinale 2016
Generation Kplus+
Sofia International Film Festival 2016

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