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by Gabriel Bonnefoy


Eliott, 30, is sent to Alaska for maintenance work on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which crosses the state from north to south. Confronted with the grandeur of the wild expanses, Eliott gradually loses his grip. His work-related trip becomes a rite-of-passage adventure, the reason for which might lie closer to madness than he could ever have imagined.

international title: Pipeline
original title: Pipeline
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Take Time Films
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Gabriel Bonnefoy
film run: 90'
screenplay: Gabriel Bonnefoy, Antonin Schopfer, Pauline Schneider
cast: Antonin Schopfer, Pauline Schneider
cinematography by: Gabriel Bonnefoy, Thomas Szczepanski, Jean-Pierre Landenberg
film editing: Gabriel Bonnefoy
music: Fabio Poujouly
producer: Gabriel Bonnefoy
production: Take Time Films


main awards/selection

Solothurn Film Festival 2016 

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