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by Amy Hardie


How did it happen? A movie about six hospice patients which you just want to keep watching! Funny, touching and passionate in their enjoyment of life, this film surprises with its use of song. A great score by Mark Orton leads us through one of the key issues of our age: medicine has recently changed our relationship with fatal disease: we can now live for years, rather than months, after a terminal diagnosis. Sometimes. How do we cope with this uncertainty? The cast are quirky, wry front-runners in a journey that we will all face.

international title: Seven Songs for a Long Life
original title: Seven Songs for a Long Life
working title: The Singing Hospice
country: United Kingdom, United States
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Amy Hardie
film run: 83'
cinematography by: Amy Hardie
film editing: Nick Gibbon, Colin Monie
music: Mark Orton
producer: Amy Hardie, Sonja Henrici
production: SDI Productions [GB], Hard Working Movies [US]


main awards/selection

SXSW Festival 2016 

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