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by Ina Mihalache


One day, while Solange is studying the dust balls that have have accumulated in her apartment, the doorbell rings. A delivery man claims to have a packet addressed to her. Solange is definite: it's impossible. The misunderstanding intensifies, Solange collapses. When a doctor suggests that someone watch over her for the night, her landlord accepts to do so. But he's called away on business and decides to find another watchman... A veritable human chain will then form to ensure Solange is not left alone, as it seems that this relationship therapy is doing her good.

international title: Solange and the living
original title: Solange et les vivants
country: France
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Ina Mihalache
film run: 67'
release date: FR 9/03/2016
cast: Ina Mihalache, Pierre Siankowski, Francis Van Litsenborgh
cinematography by: Nils Ruinet
film editing: Olivier Brunet
music: Tahiti Boy
producer: Priscilla Bertin, Elisa Larrière, Judith Nora
co-producer: Benjamin Delaux, Cécile Duffau, Julien Amiard, Manuel Beard, Rémi Durel, Julie Tribout, Rémi Barbot
production: Silex Films
distributor: Wide Management



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