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by Christian Tafdrup


When their son, Esben, moves out, Kjeld and Vibeke decide to relocate to a smaller home. They discover that the apartment they lived in back when they were students is up for sale and agree to buy it and make a new start. Kjeld furnishes the apartment the way it was back then, and for a while the two relive their sweet days of youth. But events take a turn neither of them had expected as they wake up one morning and find that they are actually thirty years younger.

international title: Parents
original title: Forældre
country: Denmark
sales agent: Nordisk Film International Sales
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Christian Tafdrup
film run: 86'
screenplay: Christian Tafdrup
cast: Søren Malling, Bodil Jørgensen, Elliott Crossett Hove, Miri-Ann Beuschel, Anton Honik
cinematography by: Maria von Hausswolff
film editing: Anne Østerud
art director: Jette Lehmann
music: Sune Kølster
producer: Thomas Heinesen, Christel C.D. Karlsen
production: Nordisk Film Production A/S
backing: Danish Film Institute’s talent scheme, New Danish Screen


main awards/selection

Tribeca Film Festival 2016

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