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by Pieter van Rijn


Family Weekend is a comedy centring on an old, wealthy widower who invites his three children to spend a weekend at the family mansion. Hoping to hear that their father will finally divide their inheritance among the three, the children will soon be faced with a not-so-pleasant surprise: their father is getting married to a young, blond and vulgar fiancée. Once recovered from the shock, the three will try everything in their power to prevent the wedding from going ahead.

international title: Family Weekend
original title: Familieweekend
country: Netherlands
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Pieter van Rijn
release date: NO 18/02/2016
screenplay: Melle Runderkamp, Luuk van Bemmelen
cast: Derek de Lint, Cynthia Abma, Luuk van Bemmelen, Melle Runderkamp, Jelka van Houten, Jennifer Hoffman, Tim Haars
cinematography by: Piotr Kukla
film editing: Michiel Reichwein
art director: Gert Brinkers
costumes designer: Marion Boot, Marian van Nieuwenhuyzen
music: Joris Oonk
producer: Maarten Swart, Erwin Godschalk
production: Kaap Holland Film
distributor: E1 Entertainment One Benelux



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