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by Marc Crehuet


While attending a dinner, a young man who lost his eye when he was hit with a rubber ball shot during a street protest coincidentally meets the riot policeman who shot the ball. This marks the start of a black comedy about the fragility of our convictions, the nature of social roles and the quest for truth.

international title: The One-Eyed King
original title: El rei borni
country: Spain
sales agent: Canary Islands Connection
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Marc Crehuet
film run: 87'
release date: ES 20/05/2016
screenplay: Marc Crehuet
cast: Alain Hernández, Miki Esparbé, Betsy Túrnez, Ruth Llopis, Xesc Cabot
cinematography by: Xavi Giménez
film editing: Jaime Ávila
art director: Silvia Steinbrecht
costumes designer: Violeta Comella
producer: Marc Crehuet, Miki Esparbé, Xavi Giménez, Alain Hernández, Betsy Túrnez
production: Lastor Media, S.L., Moiré Films, Televisió de Catalunya - TV3
distributor: Betta Pictures


main awards/selection

Málaga Film Festival 2016 
Toulouse Cinespaña Film Festival 2016 

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