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by Alba González de Molina


Monday, 10 a.m. Some clothes and a matryoshka doll inside a backpack. Then a young girl and a slam. That’s how one day, with no apparent reason, Julie leaves home. She will flee on an escape that will take her to a remote village to a thousand meters high. There Julie finds her place as the beloved teacher and everybody accepts her and believes in her. But no one knows who Julie is. No one knows who hides behind her evasive eyes.

international title: Julie
original title: Julia
country: Spain
sales agent: El Gatoverde
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Alba González de Molina
film run: 105'
screenplay: Alba González de Molina
cast: Marine Discazeaux, Silvia Maya, Ríkar Gil, Juan Martín Gravina, Emilio Línder, Mario Miñano, Javier Tolosa, Daniel Martín, Irene Ferradas
cinematography by: Álvaro Sanz Pascual
film editing: Óscar Santamaría
art director: Raquel Souto
music: Bel Bee Bee
production: El Gatoverde


main awards/selection

Málaga Film Festival 2016
Warsaw Film Festival 2016
Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier 2016

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