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by Paul Tunge


Two young men, J and Jo, just had a one night stand. The following day they go for a hike in the mountains. J is brimming with unresolved self hatred. Jo desperately wants to be loved. Their trip soon becomes a psychological battle of wills that can only find release in an act of violence.

international title: Demning
original title: Dam
country: Norway
sales agent: New Morning Films
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Paul Tunge
film run: 73'
screenplay: Paul Tunge
cast: Jørgen Hausberg Nilsen, Joachim Kvamme
cinematography by: Paul Tunge
film editing: Paul Tunge
co-producer: Maria Ekerhovd, Paul Tunge
production: Mer Film


main awards/selection

Göteborg International Film Festival 2016 

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