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by Christy Garland


Cheer Up takes us into the teenage lives of a team of cheerleaders from the Arctic Circle in Finland, who always seem to place last. They struggle to improve, and try their best to look perfect doing it, but really, teenage life can be tough for these girls. For Patricia, Aino and Miia, finding out who they are, where they belong and what family means is much more important than any trophy. - See more at: http://widehouse.org/film/cheer-up/#sthash.ktm3G4vm.dpuf

international title: Cheer Up
original title: Cheer Up
country: Finland, Canada
sales agent: Wide House
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Christy Garland
film run: 86'
cinematography by: Sari _Aaltonen
music: Tom Third
producer: Christy Garland, Liisa Juntunen
co-producer: Matt Code
production: Napafilms, Murmur Media [CA]


main awards/selection

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016 

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