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by Taavi Vartia


The film stars three boys who become enchanted by a young, local diver. However, when the young girl is kidnapped by a group of smugglers, the three boys immediately set out to liberate their new friend and put a stop to her captors’ scheme to loot a local cave.

international title: The Island of Secrets
original title: Lomasankarit
country: Finland, Greece
sales agent: EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Taavi Vartia
film run: 86'
release date: FI 31/08/2014, GR 8/01.2015, DE 14/07/2016
screenplay: Taavi Vartia, Karoliina Lindgren, Niklas Lindgren
cast: Yiannis Zouganelis, Gerasimos Skiadaresis, Effie Papatheodorou, Laura Malmivaara, Ville Myllyrine, Nuutti Konttinen, Emil Auno, Veikka Vainikkaas, Ifigenia Tzola
cinematography by: Mika Orasmaa
film editing: Benjamin Mercer
art director: Andromahi Arvaniti
music: Panu Aaltio
producer: Jarkko Hentula
co-producer: Lilette Botasi
production: Yellow Film & TV - Filmiteollisuus Fine, Inkas Film Productions, Ote tv
backing: Greek Film Center, Finnish Film Foundation
distributor: Nordisk Film AB, Audio Visual Enterprises S.A., Barnsteiner Film



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