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by Jan Bubeníček


Murderous Tales is a special effect animated feature film combining live actors with 3D/2D animation, puppets and back projection. It contains three stories: Antonio Cacto, Lighthouse and The Big Man, plus three ultra-short films called Charge the Dragon.

international title: Murderous Tales
original title: Smrtelné History
country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
year: 2016
genre: animation
directed by: Jan Bubeníček
film run: 80'
release date: CZ 24/03/2016
screenplay: Jan Bubeníček
cast: Jan Budař, Pavel Landovský, Jan Bubeníček, Ondrej Trojan
cinematography by: Radek Loukota
film editing: Jan Bubeníček, Zdenek Marek
producer: Ondrej Trojan
production: Total Help Art, Czech Television, PubRes, Soundsquare
distributor: Falcon


main awards/selection

Warsaw Film Festival 2016

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