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by Giulia Amati


The journey towards Shashamane in Ethiopia where a community of Afro-Americans has returned to live on their forefathers' land, as sung by Bob Marley. An exodus of coming-of-home, that for some has become a haven, but for others a cage of no escape. "Shashamane" chronicles a chapter of the lengthy history of the African diaspora, through the voices of men and women who have left the West after 400 years since the dawn of slavery, to seek their promised land. Through the eyes of the director we embark on an extraordinary journey of men and women who have stood the test of time to reclaim their African identity.

international title: Shashamane
original title: Shashamane
country: Italy
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Giulia Amati
film run: 80'


main awards/selection

Biografilm Festival 2016

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