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by Maria Mauti


The memory of Piero Portaluppi, a Milanese architect who reached the peak of his fame during the 20 years of the Fascist regime, comes back to life, both through the rediscovery of his work today and in a previously unpublished film diary in 16 mm, shot and edited throughout his lifetime. A man of great charm and power, Portaluppi lived through a grandiose but tragic era with ironic detachment, as if dancing across things as he created beauty. History marches on implacably, radically transforming the arena in which the eclectic artist and his large family lived and worked.

original title: L'Amatore
country: Italy
sales agent: Nexo Digital
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Maria Mauti
film run: 90'
screenplay: Maria Mauti
cinematography by: Ciro Frank Schiappa
film editing: Núria Esquerra, Valentina Andreoli
production: MP1


main awards/selection

Festival del film Locarno 2016
Fuori Concorso

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