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by Stergios Paschos


“So the idea is the following: while we were together we never went on a proper holiday. Long weekends at disgusting campsites where our asses hurt, and that was it. Hippie style. We never chilled at some nice place for a week. Cool and nice. Why? Because we had no money. We still don’t have, by the way. But there’s a house. A nice house. So I call her up and say: hey, Sofia. I know you’ll be spending your summer alone in Athens. Okay, maybe not alone, but still you’ll be in Athens. So instead of the vacation we never enjoyed, wanna come hang for a week in a terrific super-duper crib? Huh? Yeah, I’ll tell you all about it. Of – of course, as friends, Sofia!” One year after their break-up, Nikos locks Sofia up in the basement of a studio, determined not to let her out until he understands exactly why they broke up.

international title: Afterlov
original title: Afterlov
country: Greece
sales agent: Heretic Outreach
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Stergios Paschos
film run: 94'
screenplay: Stergios Paschos
cast: Haris Fragoulis, Iro Bezou
cinematography by: Christos Kapatos
film editing: Stamos Dimitropoulos
art director: Simeon Nikolaidis
music: Melentini
producer: Phaedra Vokali
co-producer: Stergios Paschos
production: Marni Films, 2/35


main awards/selection

Festival del film Locarno 2016

Concorso Cineasti del presente
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2016 

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