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by Juan Antonio Bayona


A boy seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mom's terminal illness.

international title: A Monster Calls
original title: Un monstruo viene a verme
country: Spain, United States
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Juan Antonio Bayona
film run: 108'
release date: ES 7/10/2016, NL 13/10/2016, CZ 20/10/2016, PT 20/10/2016, SK 20/10/2016, RO 21/10/2016, DK 27/10/2016, BG 28/10/2016, GR 3/11/2016, AT 4/11/2016, FR 23/11/2016, EE 25/11/2016, PL 2/12/2016, GB 6/01/2017, IE 6/01/2017, DE 12/01/2017
screenplay: Patrick Ness
cast: Sigourney Weaver, Liam Neeson, Felicity Jones, Toby Kebbell, Geraldine Chaplin, Lewis MacDougall, James Melville
cinematography by: Óscar Faura
art director: Eugenio Caballero, Jaime Anduiza
costumes designer: Steven Noble
music: Fernando Velázquez
producer: Belén Atienza, Jonathan King, Mitch Horwits
production: Apaches Entertainment, Participant Media [US], River Road Entertainment [US]
distributor: Universal Pictures International Spain, Independent Films Nederland, Metropolitan Filmexport, E1 Entertainment One


main awards/selection

Toronto International Film Festival 2016 
San Sebastián International Film Festival 2016 
Zurich Film Festival 2016 

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