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by Raja Amari


The story revolves around Samia, a young woman who arrives in France under cover, following the Tunisian Revolution. Obsessed with the idea of being caught by her Islamist brother whom she informed on, first of all she finds refuge at Imed’s house, an acquaintance from her village, and then at Christine’s place, the woman she works for. With Christine and all these new insights surrounding her, a blend of desire and fear heightens the tension and trips her up on her path to freedom.

international title: Foreign Body
original title: Jassad gharib
country: France, Tunisia
sales agent: UDI - Urban Distribution International
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Raja Amari
film run: 92'
screenplay: Raja Amari
cast: Hiam Abbass, Sarra Hannachi, Salim Kechiouche, Marc Brunet
cinematography by: Aurélien Devaux
film editing: Guerric Catala
art director: Rauf Helioui
costumes designer: Soraya Mangin, Nabila Cherif
music: Nicolas Becker
producer: Michel Feller, Dominique Besnehard, Dora Bouchoucha
production: Mon Voisin Productions, Nomadis Images (TN)
backing: CNC

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