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by Philippe Leclerc


It's a world in wich two peoples are hereditaries ennemies: the Pyross, who worships the sun, and the Hydross, people of the Rain... Unitl the day a young Pyross warrior goes on a crusade in order to understand why such hate between both folks.

international title: The Rain Children
original title: Les Enfants de la pluie
country: France, Korea, Republic of
sales agent: mk2 films
year: 2002
genre: animation
directed by: Philippe Leclerc
film run: 86'
release date: FR 25/06/2003, CH 06/04/2003, BE 02/07/2003
screenplay: Philippe Caza, Laurent Turner
music: Didier Lockwood
producer: Léon Zuratas
production: Belokan Productions, mk2 films, Studio Mahn Skin Corp. (KR); France 2 Cinéma (FR)
distributor: MK2 Distribution, Mont-Blanc Distribution (CH), Le Parc Distribution (BE)

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