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by Raphael Rebibo


The story sees Daniel return home to a small Israeli town in the middle of nowhere, after having been roaming around Europe. There he meets up again with Lila, the love of his life, who has been bed-ridden for more than three years. For her, he will do the unthinkable in the name of love...

international title: Amor
original title: Amor
working title: Amor
country: France, Israel
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Raphael Rebibo
film run: 86'
screenplay: Raphael Rebibo
cast: Liron Levo, Or Ilan, Dan Turgeman, Tamar Shem Or, Nataly Attiya, Anat Atzmon, Moshe Ivgy, Gil Alon, Shosha Goren, Naama Amit, Gal Friedman, Yaniv Taichman
cinematography by: Rami Agami
film editing: Ben Tzion Abramyan
art director: Giyora Bergel
costumes designer: France Hyman
music: Yaniv Taichman
producer: Raphael Rebibo
co-producer: Marek Rozenbaum
production: Magora Productions, Transfax Films

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