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by Miriam Heard


After working in Iraq as mercenaries, two Chilean brothers struggle with the horrors of post-traumatic stress disorder. When Pelao kills himself, Jorge embarks on a journey with his brother’s ex-wife to take his ashes to their ancestral village on the Altiplano. Wastelands is an intimate and powerful drama about the hidden face of war, about sibling rivalry and love, guilt and forgiveness.

international title: Wastelands
original title: Tierra Yerma
country: Chile, France, United Kingdom
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Miriam Heard
screenplay: Miriam Heard
cast: Julio Milostich, Erto Pantoja, Heidrun Breier
cinematography by: André Szankowski
film editing: Luca Alverdi
art director: Guillermo Salinas, Erika Pulgar-Cáceres
costumes designer: Amparo Aguirre
music: Jorge Arriagada
producer: Miriam Heard, Anna Holburn, Gregorio González
co-producer: Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin, Laurent Baujard
production: Paprika Films, Echo Art Films (GB), Forastero (GB)


main awards/selection

Eurasia International Film Festival Almaty 2016 

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