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by Jonathan Cenzual Burley


The Shepherd is a slow burning psychological drama and a parable of corporate greed, steadily building to a powerful climax under the skilful direction of young Spanish filmmaker Jonathan Cenzual Burley. Anselmo is a taciturn shepherd who lives a spartan life on a small farm in the Spanish plains. When he is approached by a construction company looking to buy his land, his casual refusal sends ripples through the community. It seems everyone around him has a stake in the development and increasingly extreme oppositionfrom his neighbours leads to bitter conflict.

international title: The Shepherd
original title: El Pastor
country: Spain, United Kingdom
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Jonathan Cenzual Burley
film run: 105'
cast: Miguel Martín, Alfonso Mendiguchia, Juan Luis Sara
cinematography by: Jonathan Cenzual Burley
film editing: Jonathan Cenzual Burley
music: Tim Walters
producer: Jonathan Cenzual Burley
production: Jonathan Cenzual Burley, Matchbox Productions Ltd
distributor: Matchbox Films


main awards/selection

Montréal World Film Festival 2016 
Raindance Film Festival 2016 
Eurasia International Film Festival Almaty 2016 
Toulouse Cinespaña Film Festival 2016 

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