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by Annika Karlsson, Jessica Karlsson


There’s always been a strong horse culture in Ballymun, outside of Dublin. Lorna and her family are a part of it, and it has helped them through tough times. Lorna has a dream to become a farrier and she’s practising during her last summer holiday. However, things might not turn out as planned. This is a poetic coming-of-age film, a story of survival, relationships, horses and dreams.

international title: Loving Lorna
original title: Loving Lorna
country: Sweden
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Annika Karlsson, Jessica Karlsson
film run: 62'
screenplay: Annika Karlsson, Jessica Karlsson
producer: Annika Karlsson, Jessica Karlsson, Klara Grunning, Cecilia Lidin
production: Systerskaparna
backing: Swedish Film Institute


main awards/selection

Berlin 2017Generation 14plus

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