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by Chico Pereira


Manolo (73) is a contemporary Don Quixote: a romantic suffering from megalomania. Accompanied by his 'Sancho Panza', the (taciturn) donkey Gorrion, he treks through the hills of Andalusia. The stubborn beast is presented as a mature character; we usually see the farcical scenes from his point of view. It proves just how inseparable the duo are after having undertaken many travel adventures. A major trek across America will be the crown on this special friendship. This grand ambition is greeted with sniggers at a travel agency. Nevertheless, Manolo is determined: nothing shall stop him. Confronted by his worried daughter, he plays down his physical ailments. This uncertainty – caused by such naive behaviour – gradually turns to admiration for the relationship between man, animal and nature. The headstrong Manolo and Gorrion lead a classic existence that continually contrasts with the highways and windmills that occasionally (literally) stand in the way of life in the great outdoors.

international title: Donkeyote
original title: Donkeyote
country: Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
sales agent: SDI Productions
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Chico Pereira
film run: 86'
screenplay: Chico Pereira, Gabriel Molera, Manuel Pereira
cinematography by: Julian Schwanitz
film editing: Nick Gibbon
producer: Ingmar Trost, Sonja Henrici
co-producer: Chico Pereira
production: Sutor Kolonko Filmproduktion, Opa Films, SDI Productions


main awards/selection

Rotterdam 2017

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