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by Enrico Maria Artale


My inner journey in search of the father I never met. A road trip across Sicily, through conversations and landscapes of the soul, that finally leads to the encounter that had been awaited, avoided, rejected, coveted for twenty-five years. My father disappeared from my life when I was one years old. Since then I haven't heard a lot about him. I refused to know. But now that I've found his voice message on my phone, something has changed. I've found my way to face this story. I finally decide to talk about this with the people I love, and I begin a long journey through the island where my family comes from, Sicily. I will find his house, I will find the courage to knock at his door. We will have a long talk, and every single moment will be recorded by my camera.

original title: Saro
country: Italy
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Enrico Maria Artale
film run: 69'
release date: IT 23/11/2016
screenplay: Enrico Maria Artale
cinematography by: Enrico Maria Artale
film editing: Valeria Sapienza
music: Emanuele De Raymondi, Marco Messina
producer: Enrico Maria Artale



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