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by Hubert Charuel

international title: Bloody Milk
original title: Petit Paysan
country: France
sales agent: Pyramide International
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Hubert Charuel
film run: 90'
screenplay: Hubert Charuel, Claude Le Pape
cast: Swann Arlaud, Isabelle Candelier, Sara Giraudeau, Bouli Lanners, Valentin Lespinasse
cinematography by: Sébastien Goepfert
film editing: Julie Léna, Lilian Corbeille, Grégoire Pontecaille
producer: Stéphanie Bermann, Alexis Dulguerian
production: Domino Films, France 2 Cinéma
backing: Canal+, OCS, CNC, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine region, Gan Foundation for Cinema
distributor: Pyramide Distribution

main awards/selection

Cannes Film Festival 2017
Semaine de la Critique

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