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by Karsten Kiilerich


Hodja, the new main character, is a dreamer who wants to experience the world, clashing with his father's more realistic approach to life – he insists the boy stay at home and take over his tailor shop. But Hodja gets his chance when he is offered a flying carpet by rug merchant El Faza, as long as he brings the old man's little granddaughter, Diamond, back to Pjort from the Sultan’s big city.

international title: Hodja from Pjort
original title: Hodja fra Pjort
country: Denmark
year: 2017
genre: animation
directed by: Karsten Kiilerich
screenplay: Karsten Kiilerich, Vicki Berlin, Ole Lund Kirkegaard
art director: Mads Juul
music: SebastiAn
producer: Kim Magnusson, Tivi Magnusson, Anders Mastrup
production: A.Film A/S, Danmarks Radio (DR), Det Danske Filminstitut, M&M Productions
distributor: Mis. Label

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