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by Laura Laperrousaz, Clara Laperrousaz

international title: Sunbeat
original title: Soleil battant
country: France
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Laura Laperrousaz, Clara Laperrousaz
screenplay: Laura Laperrousaz, Clara Laperrousaz
cast: Ana Girardot, Clément Roussier, Océane Le Caoussin, Margaux Le Caoussin, Teresa Madruga, Paulo Calatré, Agathe Bonitzer
cinematography by: Vasco Viana
film editing: Nicolas Desmaison
art director: Isabel Branco
costumes designer: Valérie Cabeli
music: Giani Caserotto
producer: Paulo Branco
executive producer: Ana Pinhão
production: Alfama Films
distributor: Alfama Films



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