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by Metahaven


A film about togetherness in the age of the smartphone. While 20th century state communism was supposed to lead to a better and improved society, a new and personal communism now arises in the cracks and voids of the system.

original title: Possessed
country: Netherlands
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Metahaven
co-director: Rob Schröder
film run: 75'
screenplay: Metahaven
cinematography by: Remko Schnorr
film editing: Metahaven, Rob Schröder, Wouter van Luijn
costumes designer: Ella Plevin, Metahaven
music: Laurel Halo
producer: Wilant Boekelman, Ernst de Jong, Rene Huybrechtse, Rogier Kramer
line producer: Constant van Panhuys
production: Dutch Mountain Movies
distributor: Cinema Delicatessen

main awards/selection

Rotterdam 2018Hivos Tiger Competition

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