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by Carlos Saura


In a large studio, a director films a flamenco ballet, featuring the famous dancer Aída Gómez, inspired by the biblical myth of Salome.

international title: SALOMÉ
original title: SALOMÉ
country: Spain
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlos Saura
film run: 86'
release date: ES 22/11/02, FR 18/12/02, BE 20/08/03
screenplay: Carlos Saura, Aida Gómez, José Antonio
cast: Aída Gómez, Pere Arquillué, Paco Mora, Carmen Villena, Javier Toca, Compañía de Aída Gómez
cinematography by: José Luis López-Linares, Teo Delgado
film editing: Julia Juaniz
art director: Carlos Saura, Carlos Saura
costumes designer: Pedro Moreno
music: Roque Baños, Tomatito
producer: Antonio Saura
production: Zebra Producciones
distributor: Universal Pictures International Spain, MK2 Diffusion (FR)



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