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by Sulev Keedus


Estonia, 1944. The young Eetla, daughter of the old lighthouse keeper Gottfrid, staggers between dreams and reality, fed by a constant fear of losing balance that allows him to survive in a foolish world.

international title: Somnambulance
original title: Somnambuul
country: Estonia, Finland
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Sulev Keedus
film run: 129'
release date: EE 18/09/2003
screenplay: Madis Kõiv, Sulev Keedus
cast: Katariina Lauk-Tamm, Evald Aavik, Ivo Uukkivi, Jan Uuspold
cinematography by: Rein Kotov
film editing: Kaie-Ene Rääk
art director: Ronald Kolmann
producer: Kaie-Ene Rääk, Lasse Saarinen
production: Kinotar Oy, Finnish Film Foundation, F-Seitse OÜ, Eesti Filmi Sihtasutus (EE)

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