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by Laurent Baffie


It's the story of a guy trying to find his car keys... According to a highly serious scientific report, a person who drives for 60 years will spend 23 days of his life trying to find his car keys. 23! 23! Yes, 23! Surely they deserve a 90-minute film, don't they?

original title: LES CLEFS DE BAGNOLE
country: France
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Laurent Baffie
film run: 94'
release date: FR 10.12.03, BE 10.12.03, LU 17.12.03
screenplay: Laurent Baffie
cast: Laurent Baffie, Daniel Russo, Alain Chabat, Gérard Depardieu, Pascal Sellem, Jamel Debbouze, Michel Galabru, Alain Chabat, Jean-Marie Bigard
cinematography by: Philippe Vene
film editing: Anne Lafarge, Mathilde Cousin
music: Ramon Pipin
producer: Laurent Baffie
production: Laurent Baffie Productions
distributor: Rezo Films

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