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by Hugo Rodríguez


Lolo, a hacker with no sex appeal, spies on his charming neighbour Andrea by webcam. Two hooligans, Nene and Tomson, argue until they're blue in the face that the most probable way of getting cancer is by smoking or - as in all walks of life, according to Nene - simple bad luck. An obese Russian, Svóboda, who mistrusts even his shadow, has twenty diamonds earmarked to pay for a CD prepared by Lolo with the secret access codes of a Swiss bank.

international title: NICOTINE
original title: NICOTINA
country: Spain, Mexico, Argentina
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Hugo Rodríguez
film run: 93
release date: FR 27/10/2004
screenplay: Martín Salinas
cast: Diego Luna, Lucas Crespi, Jesús Ochoa, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Carmen Madrid, Marta Beláustegui
cinematography by: Marcelo Iaccarino
film editing: Alberto de Toro
music: Fernando Corona
production: Oberon Cinematográfica, Altavista Films, Cacerola, Videocine, Fidecine (MX); Arca Difusión (AR)

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