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by Fernando Pérez


Dawn in Havana. The city wakes up and a new day and the film begin. Why a day in Havana? Because Havana today is a point of reference to many, a mystery to others, and a dream full of contradictions and contrasts to those who love or criticize it. But Havana is not only a space, a sonority, a light..

international title: Suite Havana
original title: Suite Habana
country: Spain, Cuba
sales agent: Wanda Visión
year: 2003
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Fernando Pérez
film run: 80'
release date: ES 03.10.03
screenplay: Fernando Pérez
cinematography by: Raúl Perez Ureta
film editing: Pedro Oscar Pérez
music: Edesio Alejandro, Ernesto Cisneros
producer: Camilo Vives, José María Morales
production: Wanda Visión, ICAIC (CU)
distributor: Wanda Visión

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