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by Carlos Reygadas


A painter from the big city goes to a remote canyon to commit suicide. To reach some calmness he stays at the farmstead of Ascen, an old religious woman. Although but a few words are spoken love grows.

international title: Japón
original title: Japón
country: Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico
sales agent: Coproduction Office
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlos Reygadas
film run: 122'
release date: BE 02.10.02, FR 15.01.03, NL 28.05.03, DE 05.06.03, PT 01.01.04
screenplay: Carlos Reygadas
cast: Alejandro Ferretis, Magdalena Flores, Martin Serrano, Yolanda Villa
cinematography by: Diego Martínez Vignatti
film editing: Carlos Serrano Azcona, Daniel Melguizo, David Torres
art director: Alejandro Reygadas
producer: Carlos Reygadas
production: Solaris Film, Mantarraya Producciones, NoDream Cinema (MX)
distributor: Contact Film Cinematheek, Bodega Films (FR), Atalanta (PT), Arsenal (DE), Filmladen (AT), Look Now! (CH), Artificial Eye (UK)

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