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by Yolande Moreau, Gilles Porte


Irene is on tour with her one-woman-show "Sale Affaire" in the north of France. When she runs into Dries, who carries giants in fairs, it's the beginning of a love story that bears an uncanny resemblance to the show performed by Irene on stage.

international title: When The Sea Rises
original title: Quand la mer monte...
country: France, Belgium
sales agent: Les Films du Losange
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Yolande Moreau, Gilles Porte
film run: 93'
release date: FR 27/10/2004
screenplay: Yolande Moreau, Gilles Porte
cast: Yolande Moreau, Wim Willaert, Olivier Gourmet, Jacky Berroyer, Jacques Bonnaffé, Séverine Caneele, Philippe Duquesne, Bouli Lanners
cinematography by: Gilles Porte
film editing: Eric Renault
costumes designer: Natasha Francotte, Nina De Goeyse
music: Philippe Rouèche
producer: Humbert Balsan
production: Ognon Pictures, Les Gens, Radio Télévision Belge Francofone (RTBF), La Communauté française de Belgique et des Télédistributeurs wallons, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds(BE) / Canal+, CNC, Procirep, CRRAV(FR)
distributor: Pirates Distribution, Victory Productions (BE/LU/NL), JMH (SU), Folkest Bio (SE), KARMA (ES)


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