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by Marco Kreuzpaintner


Tobi and Achim have been best friends for years. As cox and oarsman, they have helped their team win several rowing cups in the past and are now looking forward to the big regatta in the countryside. But this trip is no summer camp anymore and the first problems soon arise. As Achim's relation¬ship with Sandra grows more serious, Tobi starts to realize that his feelings for Achim run deeper than he's willing to admit to himself.

international title: Summer Storm
original title: Sommersturm
country: Germany
sales agent: Global Screen GmbH
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Marco Kreuzpaintner
film run: 98'
release date: FR 29/06/2005
screenplay: Thomas Bahmann, Marco Kreuzpaintner
cast: Robert Stadlober, Kosstja Ullmann, Alicja Bachleda, Miriam Morgenstern
cinematography by: Daniel Gottschalk
film editing: Hansjoerg Weissbrich
art director: Heike Lange
music: Niki Reiser
producer: Uli Putz, Thomas Wöbke, Jakob Claussen
production: Claussen Wöbke Putz Filmproduktion
distributor: X Verleih

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