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by S.Pierre Yaméogo


Napoko Diarha was accused of having eaten a soul and will be subjected to the elders' decree, and the traditional rules and mental blindness which continue to dictate life in African villages. This film is inspired by the true story of Napoko Diarha. In Burkina Faso, like in the rest of Africa, ancestral customs often lay down the law. In the countryside, some unexplained deaths are attributed to soul eaters, meaning women who, according to the villagers, due to their occult or evil powers are responsible for these losses.

international title: DELWENDE
original title: DELWENDE
country: France, Burkina Faso, Switzerland
sales agent: Funny Balloons
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: S.Pierre Yaméogo
film run: 97'
release date: FR 14/12/2005
screenplay: S.Pierre Yaméogo
cast: Blandine Yaméogo, Claire Ilboudo, Célestin Zongo, Daniel Kaboré, Thomas Gourma, Jules Taonssa
cinematography by: Jürg Hassler
film editing: Jean-Christophe Ane
art director: Chef Joseph Kpobly
music: Wasis Diop
producer: S.Pierre Yaméogo, Pierre-Alain Meier
production: Thelma Film AG, Dunia Productions
distributor: Les Films du Safran

main awards/selection

Cannes 2005 Un Certain Regard (selection)
Prix de l'espoir

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