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by Roselyne Bosch


A University in Europe. The near future. In a society at war against violence, Thomas Samarkand, PhD in molecular biology has discovered a way of “switching off” the genes responsible for human aggressiveness in the secret of his laboratory. To complete his research he needs however to test his findings on human scale. Who better than a serial killer otherwise known as “The Hunter”, Bixente Iparrak, star of evil and woman murderer to test his work on?

original title: Animal
country: France, Portugal
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Roselyne Bosch
film run: 99'
release date: FR 11/01/2006
screenplay: Roselyne Bosch
cast: Andreas Wilson, Michael Wincott, Emma Griffiths-Malin
cinematography by: Tetsuo Nagata
film editing: Maryline Monthieux
art director: Jacques Rouxel, Clara Vinhais
costumes designer: Chattoune
production: Légende, Animal Production LTD, Animatografo II (PT)
distributor: Mars Films Distribution

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