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by Santiago Carlos Oves


Mamá is 82, her son Jaime, 55. Both live in two very different worlds. Jaime is married and has two children, a lovely house, two cars and looks after his step mother. Mamá gets along fine alone and grows old gracefully in an apartment that her son lets out to her. But then one day, something happens that noone in the family would never have imagined: Jaime is laid off. Obliged to take stock of his life, Jaime is left with no choice but to sell the apartment. When Jaime sees his mother to tell her the bad news, he doesn't expect her to reveal the things she does...

original title: Conversaciones con mamá
country: Spain, Argentina
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Santiago Carlos Oves
film run: 90'
release date: ES 14/01/05, FR 22/03/06
screenplay: Santiago Carlos Oves
cast: China Zorrilla, Eduardo Blanco, Ulises Dumont, Silvina Bosco, Floria Bloise, Nicolás Condito
cinematography by: Aníbal Bosco
film editing: Liliana Nadal, Paula García
art director: Mariela Rípodas
costumes designer: María Nieves Cabanes
music: Pablo Sala
producer: Carlos Piwowarski, Pascual Condito, Santiago Carlos Oves, Mónica Roza, Luisa Matienzo
production: Tusitala P.C., S.L., Santiago C. Oves (AR)
distributor: Bodega Films

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