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by Ken Loach


Maya is a quick-witted young woman who comes over the Mexican border without papers and makes her way to the LA home of her older sister Rosa. Rosa gets Maya a job as a janitor: a non-union janitorial service has the contract, the foul-mouthed supervisor can fire workers on a whim, and the service-workers' union has assigned organizer Sam Shapiro to bring its "justice for janitors" campaign to the building. Sam finds Maya a willing listener, she's also attracted to him. Rosa resists, she has an ailing husband to consider. The workers try for public support; management intimidates workers to divide and conquer. Rosa and Maya as well as workers and management may be set to collide.

international title: Bread and Roses
original title: Bread and Roses
country: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland
sales agent: The Sales Company
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Ken Loach
film run: 110'
release date: GR 22/09/2000, FR 25/10/2000, BE 29/11/2000, IT 06/12/2000, SE 24/12/2000, BR 25/12/2000, ES 16/02/2001, IS 19/03/2001, NL 12/04/2001, UK 01/04/2001, DE 04/10/2001, AG 25/04/2002
screenplay: Paul Laverty
cast: Adrien Brody, Pilar Padilla, Elpidia Carrillo, Jack McGee, Monica Rivas
cinematography by: Barry Ackroyd
film editing: Jonathan Morris
art director: Martin Johnson
costumes designer: Michele Michel
music: George Fenton
producer: Ulrich Felsberg, Rebecca O'Brien
production: Parallax Pictures, Alta Films Producción, Bac Films, La Sept-Arte, Arte (FR), Alta Producción S.L. Unipersonal, Tornasol Films S.A. (ES), BIM (IT), BSkyB, British Screen Productions, FilmFour (UK), Cinart (BE), Degeto Film, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Road Movies Filmproduktion, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) (DE), Filmcoopi Zürich (CH)
distributor: Alta Films, Cine 3 (AG), Cinéart (BE), Epix Media (DE), Europa Filmes (BR), Filmcoopi Zürich (CH), Lions Gate Films (US), Mars Distribution (FR)

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