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by Pablo Trapero


Santiago, following a serious car accident after which he loses contact with his wife and daughter, decides to leave Buenos Aires and seek refuge in the Terra del Fuoco, to process the pain and cut all ties with the past.

international title: Born and Bred
original title: Nacido y criado
country: Italy, Argentina, United Kingdom
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Pablo Trapero
film run: 100'
release date: FR 28/11/2007
screenplay: Mario Rulloni, Pablo Trapero
cast: Federico Esquerro, Martina Gusman, Guillermo Pfening, Tomás Lipan, Victoria Vescio
cinematography by: Guillermo Nieto
film editing: Ezequiel Borovinsky, Pablo Trapero
costumes designer: Pablo Maestre Galli
music: Luis Chomicz, Palo Pandolfo
producer: Douglas Cummins, Pablo Trapero, Rocio Freire-Bernat, Walter Salles, Rosanna Seregni, Marc Sillam, Andrés Wood, Martina Gusman
production: Axiom Films, Sintra Film, Matanza Cine (AR)
distributor: Distribution Company (AR)

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