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by Gérard Krawczyk


After a 5 year absence, we're back together again with Daniel and Emilien and more crazy adventures in the streets of Marseilles.

international title: Taxi 4
original title: Taxi 4
country: France
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Gérard Krawczyk
film run: 90'
release date: BE 14/02/2007, FR 14/02/2007, LV 09/03/2007
screenplay: Luc Besson
cast: Samy Naceri, Frédéric Diefenthal, Bernard Farcy, Emma Sjoberg, Edouard Montoute
cinematography by: Pierre Morel
film editing: Christine Lucas-Navarro, Frédéric Thoraval
art director: Hugues Tissandier
costumes designer: Fabienne Josserand
music: Tefa, Doudou Masta, Weallstar-Da. Octopusss
producer: Luc Besson, Michèle Pétin, Laurent Pétin
production: EuropaCorp, ARP Sélection, TF1 Films Production, Apipoulaï (FR)
distributor: ARP Sélection, SPI International Slovakia (SK)



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