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by Agostino Ferrente


A film, which presently goes by the working title “Prove d’Orchestra”, will be released soon. The film talks about the birth of the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio and the stories of its protagonists united by a project developed by the Cultural Association Apollo 11. The documentary will focus on the emotions created by a musical and humanitarian bet: bringing together musicians from all over the world on a single stage. The musicians themselves talk about their own roles in the ambitious project of making the OPV an important reality.

original title: L' orchestra di Piazza Vittorio
country: Italy
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2006
genre: documentary
directed by: Agostino Ferrente
release date: IT 22/09/2006, FR 03/12/2008
screenplay: Agostino Ferrente, Massimo Gaudioso, Mariangela Barbanente, Francesco Piccolo
cinematography by: Greta De Lazzaris, Alberto Fasulo, Simone Pierini, Giovanni Piperno, Sabrina Varani
film editing: Roberta Cruciani, Masha Calamandrei, Jacopo Quadri, Desideria Rayner
music: Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio
producer: Andrea Occhipinti, Agostino Ferrente, Donatella Botti
production: Lucky Red, Bianca Film, Pirata M.C
distributor: Lucky Red, Eurozoom (FR)

main awards/selection

Locarno 2006Piazza Grande

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