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by Márta Mészáros


The life story of Imre Nagy, the first communist leader to become the symbol of a national revolution, who, in addition, abrogated the Warsaw Treaty and stood up for democracy based on a pluralist party system.

international title: The Unburied Man
original title: A Temetetlen halott
country: Hungary, Slovakia, Poland
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Márta Mészáros
release date: HU 21/10/2004
screenplay: Márta Mészáros
cast: Jan Nowicki, György Cserhalmi, Marianna Moór, Lili Horvath, Jan Frycz
cinematography by: Nyika Jancsó
film editing: Éva Kármentõ
art director: István Ocztos
costumes designer: Katalin Jancsó
music: Zygmunt Konieczny
producer: Attila Csáky, Igor Hudec, Andrzej Serdiukow, Maciej Karpinski, Michal Kwiecinski
production: Cameofilm, ARS Media, Akson Studio, Telewizja Plska S.A Agenca Filmowa
distributor: Budapest Film

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