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by Marie Hélia


A Sunday in Douarnenez . The Lucas family got together to celebrate Juliette’s birthday. The weather is nice and the day is supposed to be perfect. Unfortunately the family rite is disturbed by the annoying presence of a couple arguing in the street, right in front of their house.

original title: Microclimat
country: France
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Marie Hélia
release date: FR 21/03/2007
cast: Julie Henry, Jean Pencalet, Jean-Paul Bathany, Françoise Le Treut, Catherine Riaux
cinematography by: Léna Rouxel
film editing: Emmanuelle Pencalet
art director: Andrée Louarn
producer: Olivier Bourbeillon
production: Paris-Brest Production
distributor: Paris-Brest Productions



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