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by Barbet Schroeder


The life of Jacques Vergès, the French lawyer famous for having defended terrorists such as Magdalena Kopp and Carlos, and true "monsters" of contemporary history such as Klaus Barbie and Pol Pot.

international title: Terror's Advocate
original title: L'Avocat de la terreur
country: France
sales agent: Wild Bunch
year: 2007
genre: documentary
directed by: Barbet Schroeder
release date: FR 06/06/2007, BE 20/06/2007, SE 07/12/2007, HU 14/02/2008, RO 09/05/2008, ES 17/10/2008
cast: Jacques Vergès, Béchir Boumaza, Hans-Joachim Klein, Magdalena Kopp, Anis Naccache
film editing: Nelly Quettier
producer: Rita _Dagher (id:297494)
production: Yalla Films
backing: Canal +, CNC
distributor: Les Films du Losange


main awards/selection

Cannes 2007 Un Certain Regard
Césars 2008 Best Documentary Film

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