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by Frédéric Fisbach


François is in Tokyo for three weeks, following the rehearsals of the theatrical adaptation of several of his works. He had to bring his grandmother with him, who recently suffered a stroke and can no longer speak. Foreigners, forced to face one another, in an unknown land, they open up and slowly reveal themselves to the other. During the last moments of her life, the elderly woman will help François regain his sense of joy.

international title: Plum Rain
original title: La pluie des prunes
country: France
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Frédéric Fisbach
screenplay: Anne-Louise Trividic, Frédéric Fisbach
cast: Gilbert Melki, Adriana Asti, Marie Riva, Toshizo Fujiwara, Mai Yoshino
cinematography by: Laurent Brunet
film editing: Guy Lecorne
costumes designer: Olga Karpinsky
producer: Frédéric Bellaïche, Geoffroy Grison, Noah Harlan
production: Shilo Films, Urban Factory, ARTE France Cinéma

main awards/selection

Venezia 2007Venice Days

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