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by Felipe Vega


Daniel, a pianist and music professor, and Anna, a gallery owner, are going through a marital crisis after 20 years together. Daniel has moved out on his own and wants a divorce, while Ana refuses to accept reality. Their problems also affect their daughter Monica, who upon finishing her journalism studies is unable to find a job. Music is the only thing that manages to interest and calm Daniel, a difficult man for himself and others, who is moreover involved in a less-than-perfect relationship with the married Clara. One night, Monica finds herself in the middle of an embarrassing and incomprehensible episode in the company of Daniel, Ana and Clara.

original title: Mujeres en el parque
country: Spain
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Felipe Vega
film run: 102'
release date: ES 12/01/2007
screenplay: Manuel Hidalgo, Felipe Vega
cast: Adolfo Fernández, Marta Tebar, Josean Bengoetxea, Manuel Hidalgo, Bárbara Lennie, Alberto Ferreiro
cinematography by: Alfonso Parra
film editing: Ángel Hernández Zoido
art director: Sandra Frantz
costumes designer: Carlos Calvo de Mora
producer: Gerado Herrero, Mariela Besuievski, Josean Gómez
production: Tornasol Films

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