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by Jos Stelling


When his desire for the stunningly beautiful cashier from the movie theatre across the street becomes reality and she ends up at his house, a man named Duska suddenly appears at his door. The timing couldn’t be worse. The enigmatic Russian is not likely to ever leave...

international title: Duska
original title: Duska
country: Netherlands, Russian Federation, Ukraine
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Jos Stelling
release date: NL 04/10/2007
cast: Gene Bervoets, Sylvia Hoeks, Sergei Makovetsky, Ruslana Pysanka
cinematography by: Goert Giltay
film editing: Bert Rijkelijkhuizen
art director: Gert Brinkers
music: Bart van de Lisdonk
producer: Hans De Wolf, Hans de Weers, Reinout Oerlemans, Yevgeni Gindilis
production: Eyeworks Egmond, Motion Investment Group, TVINDIE Film Production (RU)
distributor: Benelux Films Distributors Belgium (BFD)



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